August 24, 2020

Press Release

Water Related Emergency Revoked


The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. WASCO wishes to inform the public that the Water Related Emergency which was issued in March 2020, in keeping with Statutory Instrument no. 75, has been revoked by the Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture Hon. Herod Stanislaus.

This is in accordance with Statutory Instrument no. 127 issued as an extraordinary publication of the Gazette on August 17th 2020. The revocation of the Water related Emergency took effect on August 14th 2020 on the advice of the Water Resource Management Agency WRMA. As such the prohibitions and restrictions relating to water use for non-essential purposes as stated in SI 75 have been lifted.

WASCO wishes to inform the public that as a result of rains experienced over several weeks, the water supply at the John Compton Dam has been replenished.  However, the situation has not been normalized in the south of the island where water inflows continue registered below normal.

In light of these circumstances, a water rationing schedule continues to remain in effect for residents in areas on some areas of the southern zones, with Mon Repos being the most affected. In particular, valving will be ongoing in the Ti Rocher/Micoud area and will continue until the supply has been sufficiently replenished.

Consumers in the north, who are now receiving a more regular supply of water are also strongly urged to practice conservation measures in order to manage their water supply.

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