About Your Meter / Understanding the Meter

WASCO utilizes two (2) types of water meters. The type of meter is determined by its unit of measurement.

  • Imperial Gallons Meter: The imperial gallons meter, as its name suggests, measures consumption in gallons. The imperial gallon meters can be identified by "imp. gallons" shown on the face of the meter.
  • Cubic Meter: The cubic meter measures water consumption in litres and has "m3" on the face of the meter.

Reading Your Domestic Meter

Record all digits on the left side of the meter. These digits are usually either in "black" or "white".
Subtract the previous meter reading from the current reading to obtain your consumption for the current period.

  • Meter number – usually an 8 digit number engraved at the top of the meter.
  • Inside the glass digits represent gallons used from installation. All numbers should be read including the last three red digits found inside the glass.

Calculating Your Bill

For a domestic customer the bill for the month is calculated as follows:

For calculating your bill, you will need:

  • Your previous meter reading
  • Your current meter reading

Example: previous reading – 7,000, current reading – 12,400, usage – 5,400 gallons

  • 1st 3,000 gallons @$12.21 = $36.63
  • Balance 2,400 gallons @$24.92 = $59.81
  • Total: $36.63 + $59.81 = $96.44



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