Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project

Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project

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Project Outcome

The anticipated outcome of the Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project is improved efficiency, reliability, climate resilience and sustainability of the supply of potable water in Vieux Fort and its environs by 31 December 2023. 

Project Description

The Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL) has received financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of implementing the Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project in Saint Lucia.  The total project cost is XCD 83,894,000.00 / USD 31,072,000.00.

The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) Inc. is the GOSL’s implementing agency, also responsible for managing, monitoring and evaluating project activities. 

The Project, which commenced in May 2016, is at an advanced stage of implementation.  The estimated end date for the implementation of infrastructure works is June 2022, while all other project activities are expected to be complete by December 2022.

The Project was first approved by the CDB in 2014.  In November 2020, the CDB granted approval for a revision of the project scope and for an additional loan to the GOSL to cover the cost of the additional project components included in the revised scope.  The revised project comprises the following components:

  1. Land acquisition to facilitate the construction of a water treatment plant at Grace and a water storage tank at Laborie.
  2. Infrastructure works:
    1. Water production facilities comprising:
      1. Two river intake structures - one at Grace and the other at Beausejour.
      2. Two water treatment plants (WTP) - replacement of the existing WTP at Beausejour and a new WTP at Grace.
      3. Four new pumping stations, located at the WTPs at Beausejour and Grace.
    2. 15.7 kilometers (km) of new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) transmission mains – Beausejour to La Tourney; Beausejour to Beanfield; Augier to Laborie; Augier to Beausejour; and Beausejour to Morne Beausejour.
    3. Six new storage reservoirs totaling 5,675 cubic meters (m3) - one each at Grace, Laborie, Augier and Morne Beausejour; and two at La Tourney.
  1. Vieux Fort Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction Programme.
  1. Capacity building for staff of WASCO.
  1. TA for the preparation of the Vieux Fort Watershed Management Plan.
  1. Vieux Fort River Watershed Protection and Management.
  1. WASCO Operational and Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme.
  1. Project Management and Monitoring including Gender Impact Evaluation; and Engineering services.

The revised project scope includes additional infrastructure works comprising:

  1. The replacement of an existing water treatment facility at Beausejour.
  1. Transmission mains and the addition of two new water storage reservoirs.
  1. The addition of a Vieux Fort watershed protection and management component, comprising reforestation, public education and awareness and TA for the design of erosion control measures.
  1. A WASCO operational and energy efficiency programme.
  1. The engagement of a Community Liaison Officer.

The original project components consisted of:

  1. New water production facilities comprising two river intake structures, a treatment plant at Beausejour and three new pumping stations.
  1. Network transmission and distribution system upgrade consisting of 15 km of transmission mains.
  1. Construction of four new water storage reservoirs.
  1. A NRW reduction programme for Vieux Fort.
  1. Capacity building - TA to conduct an energy audit of WASCO facilities and a TA to conduct a water audit for the Vieux Fort Water Supply System.
  1. A TA for the preparation of the Vieux Fort Watershed Management Plan.
  1. Project Management and Monitoring.
  1. Engineering Services.

Project Location

The project affected areas are the constituencies of Vieux Fort North, Vieux Fort South and Laborie / Augier.  The map below shows the main communities within the Project’s first impact zone. 

Communities / locations within the Project’s sphere of influence[1] include:

  • Augier
  • Aupicon
  • Banse
  • Beanfield
  • Beausejour
  • Black Bay
  • Cantonement
  • Cedar Heights
  • Coconut Bay
  • Grace
  • Hewannora Airport
  • Hewannora Industrial Free Zone
  • Laborie
  • La Ressource
  • La Tourney
  • Moule a Chique
  • Savannes Bay
  • Vige’ Cacao
  • Vieux Fort Town

[1] Note that Belle Vue and Pierrot which fall within the constituency of Vieux Fort North will not be served by the Project.

Location of the Various Project Components



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